About us

At heart a ground-up operation, Tony’s Cabinet’s founder Tony DiSimone initiated his business from within his own home, establishing a name for his custom work with small projects for family and friends. His dedication to executing each custom design with expert attention to detail and care ensured that his work stood out as unique, beautiful, and professional. Never replicated the same way twice, his work created a demand which inspired the opening of his first commercial facility. Now over 45 years later, Tony’s Cabinet’s stands alone as the standard for Thunder Bay and North Western Ontario in expertly crafted, beautiful custom-made mantles, cabinets, and furniture designs.

At Tony’s Cabinets, no two designs are ever alike. Specializing in residential, commercial, and institutional interior renovations, Tony’s Cabinet’s excels in providing hands-on personalized attentive service to their clients, devising and executing unique projects with precision and flair. Involved in every aspect of your project, from the initial consultation to innovative design development, and finally on-site production, Tony’s Cabinets fulfills the promise of quality workmanship and specialist service.

Using advanced 3D imaging software, Tony’s allows clients to visualize their custom build long before the materials hit the production floor. Costumes are able to see interactive three dimensional layouts from computer designs, staff are able to customize their work to fulfill their client’s dreams of home or corporate design to perfection.

Personalized attention on every level, master craftsmanship design, and punctual and accomplished production is not only Tony’s Cabinets professional foundation – it’s a guarantee.

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our team

  • Coe Anderson
    Coe Anderson

    Kitchen/Bath Designer

  • Vince DiSimone
    Vince DiSimone


  • Nick Couzelis
    Nick Couzelis


  • Tony DiSimone
    Tony DiSimone

    Founder Owner/Operator

  • Bram Van Den Broeke
    Bram Van Den Broeke

    Head of Construction Services Project Management

  • Guy Carpino
    Guy Carpino


  • Alyssa DiSimone
    Alyssa DiSimone

    Safety Services Administrator and Designer